River's Edge in Knightstown May 25, 2024

New Construction Upgrades At River’s Edge In Knightstown

Move in to a brand new home that is EXACTLY how you want it. The River’s Edge Townhomes are all nicely equipped with standard features that include quality craftsmanship and attractive finishing touches. There are also upgrades available which allow you to customize your townhome to make it exactly how you want it.

What upgrades are available at River’s Edge?

Our local builders will really work with you to help you determine which upgrades you want in your new home and do whatever they can to make your vision a reality. The material upgrades you think of with new construction upgrades are available including upgrading the countertop to granite, upgrading cabinets in size and quality, upgrading flooring quality and type, etc.  Beyond these basic upgrades, you may also have the option to adapt a floorplan to make it better suit your needs, or enclose the screenedin porch to make it an all-season room with a heater… and the list goes on and on of potential upgrades!

Which upgrades are worth the investment?

When deciding which upgrades to make, it’s important to consider your budget and how long you plan to stay in your new home. If you are planning to move within a few years, you may want to focus on upgrades that are more likely to appeal to buyers, such as kitchen and bathroom upgrades. If you’re planning to stay in the home for a longer period of time, you may want to consider upgrades that will make the home more comfortable and enjoyable for you, such as an enclosed sunroom or the flex room turned into a home office.

How do I decide which upgrades to make now?

Some upgrades, such as structural changes, are best left to the professionals and can actually save time and money to be completed by the builder when they are in the beginning stages of the building process. You can prioritize the upgrades you want to make now and save the ones you can live without until after your townhome is complete and you have moved in.

Considering a new home? We are working with River’s Edge in Knightstown and The Preserve at Northfield Village in New Castle. Let’s find an option that works for you!

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