General April 24, 2020

Here to Serve You: How We’re Showing Homes

Here to Serve You: How We’re Showing Homes

How We’re Showing Homes

At ERA Integrity Real Estate, we care about you and your safety. We are taking all steps necessary to keep both buyers and sellers safe and comfortable during COVID-19.

It is important for you to know we are still showing and selling homes- but in a safe manner.” Ashley Huffman, Realtor/Broker noted. “It is our top priority to make sure you are comfortable when buying or selling a home.”

Before we show a home, we ask that buyers and sellers sign a state-mandated waiver. The buyers and sellers must read and understand the protocols and rules to put everyone at ease. Both buyers and sellers will be asked if they have recently traveled or felt ill. If the answer is yes, no showing will occur for at least two weeks.

Some of our “date of showing” precautions include:

  • ERA Integrity agents will respect and ask buyers to respect any limitations/restrictions the sellers have for their home during showings.
  • ERA Integrity agents will respect and ask sellers to respect any limitations/restrictions the buyers have for being in  a home during showings.
  • We will also make sure buyers are pre-qualified and ready to go before we bring them in a home.
  • Absolutely no carpooling to home showings!

Other precautions being followed by ERA Integrity:

Buyers: Only decision-makers will be allowed to participate in a showing, maximum of two people. Remove your shoes or wear booties once you get to the home. Wash your hands/ use hand sanitizer before and after the showing. Please do not touch unnecessary surfaces and maintain 6-foot separation from your agent.

Sellers: Be sure to turn on all lights and open all interior doors before a showing begins. Leave the cabinet, closet, and pantry doors open for buyers to view. If possible, open windows and doors to increase air flow during the showing.

Agents: Keep a 6-foot distance from clients at all times. Be mindful to leave the house you show as clean as you found it. Wipe down, disinfect, and sanitize anything that has been touched during the showing- this includes doorknobs and light switches.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We hope you are all happy, healthy, and stay well.