General April 6, 2020

Selling Real Estate During A Pandemic

ERA Integrity-Working remotely for you!

ERA Integrity-Working remotely for you!

As residents are being asked to stay in their homes, real estate agents are working to help people connect with homes. Real estate businesses are considered essential, and while ERA Integrity Real Estate continues to help clients, the way real estate is happening has changed.

Following are some of the changes:
  1. Offices are closed to the public. In an effort to keep staff and clients safe, ERA has been closed to the general public since last month. Appointments are kept to a minimum and held either in disinfected conference rooms or public spaces where maximum space between people can be achieved. Areas such as doors, copiers, and countertops are disinfected regularly and immediately after each use.
  2. Agents are primarily working remotely. While a few individuals at a time are in the office to manage paperwork, services are primarily provided virtually. Since ERA Integrity brokers are accustomed to operating in off-hours, they are still able to be helpful from their established home offices.
  3. Virtual tours are more of a reality. Brokers are able to give virtual tours of homes and provide extensive descriptions of each listing’s features.
  4. Many closings are held remotely. From parking lots to front porches, brokers, lenders, and title companies are getting creative with closings to allow for safe social distancing. Each party is asked to bring their own pen, and all necessary items are disinfected as needed.
  5. ERA Integrity is planning for post-pandemic life.
Images of our team from home

Images of our team from home

“Prior to mid-March, the local real estate market was very active, and we are still seeing activity for our clients and brokers,” noted Susan Falck-Neal, Owner/Broker, ERA Integrity Real Estate. “Henry County is a desirable place to live, and we anticipate continued demand for homes in the coming year.”

Susan Falck-Neal has this advice for current homeowners:

“If you like your current home, that’s great. Use this time to continue to make it an enjoyable place for your family to live. If you do not like your current home, use this time to make market-friendly improvements to help increase its value when the market heats up again.”

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